Door Hangers – Big Returns On A Small Budget

Cheap door hangers are the fastest way to achieve quick return on a small investment. Why? Mailing costs are rising plus your mailbox is a very competitive place with all the other promotions in it. Most get dumped without ever getting noticed. Why fight this and get lost in the crowd?

Full color door hangers are cheap to print and easy to distribute. They are a very good way for small businesses to get noticed. With a compelling offer and a call to action, you can start to get great result in just a few hours after they are distributed. Restaurants can print their menu, offer a discount and/or delivery. Home services, realtors and other small businesses can get their name and message out to many neighborhoods without breaking the bank.

The door hangers that get the most attention are those printed in full color. For the best results, they should be printed with brilliant color on high quality coated paper. It is important to have them printed on stock that is heavy enough to not tear or fall off the door. 100Lb gloss book weight or 100Lb gloss cover weight paper with aqueous coating that protects and seals the printing is very economical. Another option is 14Pt or 16Pt gloss coated card stock with gloss UV or matte/dull aqueous coating. This heavier card stock can create a quality look to your message that can improve your return on your investment especially in some business like Realtors, hair salons, spas as well as many other types of businesses.

Adding a Wow Factor to your door hanger is a great way to help insure your message is noticed and increase your response. Wow Factor effects are optional unique new printing techniques that let you stand out from the crowd. You can use Spot UV Coating, Metallic Silver Ink or create Colored Metallic Effects. These special effects are eye candy which focus attention and interest on your business and your message.

Advertising your business does not have to cost a lot. Using door hangers is a cheap way of getting your message to your targeted market. Adding a Wow factor to your door hanger is inexpensive and can help increase your exposure. It is a sure fire way of promoting your business. Start today and see the results.

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