How Can Restaurants Make a Bold Statement with Door hangers

If you are an owner of a restaurant or are planning to open one soon, you need to have an effective local marketing strategy ready for deployment. This is because, irrespective of the location of your restaurant, people are bound to drive past without noticing it. This can be attributed to the fact that people are often ignorant of the changes and additions to their environment and need to be informed about new presences. Direct mail-in advertisements are effective but the main problem with these is getting them opened by the target audience. Apart from that, there is a great deal of competition in the restaurant business; not only do you compete with other eateries and food joints in the locality but also with a great deal of junk mail for the customers’ attention. So how do you get a successful ROI on your marketing strategy?

The answer to this lies in effective door hanger advertising. It is a proven fact that this form of marketing is extremely successful. The biggest advantage of door hanger advertising, when compared with traditional mail-in fliers and inserts, is that people are bound to notice the door hangers. They simply cannot open their doors and walk in without noticing them. The door hangers are also shaped conveniently to hang from the door knobs and fit effectively on almost all door knob styles. To further save money owners can opt for sharing advertising space with other businesses (not in the food business) and hire cash-starved college students to hang the door hangers for them. This is a sure way of letting customers know about new businesses without spending a lot.

Apart from that one can create an instant buzz and capture the right market by displaying the menu, phone number and website of the business. If space is limited, one can opt for displaying some of the top items being served like “pizzas, pastas and more”. This can give a definite idea regarding the prices to potential customers, who can then visit the website for further details. Other effective marketing techniques in door hanger advertising include placing contest codes that customers can enter online for a chance to win free starters or sodas. These are sure-fire means of getting restaurant business booming.

Restaurant owners have also benefitted greatly by using door hangers with perforated coupons. Not only are these perfect for introducing a new business to the community, but also helps in selective canvassing in the neighborhood.

Similarly, one can employ the latest technology, graphic imagery advancements, and professionally photograph the food items to convey a great about the food being served. Restaurants that also deliver food can focus on advertising in a particular geographical region. They can use phrases like “We are located right across the Supermarket on XYZ Street” so customers can create associations and connect the business with the community. This also helps establish legitimacy and reputation of the restaurant.

By combining high quality printing and smart and cost effective distribution techniques of the door hangers, restaurant owners are sure to make the most out of this form of advertising.

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