Ways To Make Your Door hangers Work Effectively

Door hangers are effective, efficient and cheap ways of advertising and promoting a business. When you announce that you are going to use doorhangers, you probably will receive mixed reactions from listeners. Some might call this marketing idea “too traditional”, while others might be quite impressed with it. The fact is: cheap door hangers are a perfect way of ramping up your revenues without spending a great deal of money. Nothing is easier than hanging door hangers on customers’ doors to make your product and services known to them. While this is true, business owners still have to ensure that the doorhangers are designed in a manner that helps promote their brand and spread the message they want in the most effective manner. Here are some ways of making door hanger advertising effective.

The first thing to do is to plan the outcome of your door hanger. Ensure that you define its purpose clearly. This will help you to come up with an effective door hanger message that will appeal to the customers instantly and capture their interest.

Contrary to the belief, long sentences, fancy words and floral language might not necessarily deliver the message efficiently. You need to keep things simple so that the purpose of the door hangers is understood right away. Remember also, that cluttering the restricted space of a door hanger is not going to impress clients; just put enough information and one or two images that will support it. For effective results, experts recommend using two different color fonts with red color for impact words and phrases.

As with any other marketing campaign, your door hanger should call customers to act right away. Tell them clearly what they should do: visit your website, or call your office.  For this, you need to clearly print out the URLs or phone numbers on the door hangers. Also, by giving time bound offers and limited period validity with expiry dates you can ensure that you get those calls and clicks right away.

An effective marketing and advertising campaign also includes putting up analytic or tracking codes to judge the response you obtain to this advertising. This way, you can customize your door hangers and make offers more appealing.

Businesses must also ensure working with a good printing company that will help them include important details like the contact information, phone numbers on the doorhangers without sacrificing their attractive look and feel. A little research into this matter can help one find the best printing partner. The contact info and all the other important details must be placed in the right place and also be reviewed for typos and printing mistakes prior to sending them out for printing.

Small businesses can even consider sharing door hangers with other businesses. Naturally, care should be taken that there is only one business per industry and no more than five businesses listed on one side of the hanger. This is an effective way of reaching out to new clients without spending a ton of money.

Door to door marketing is a great way of reaching new customers and can supercharge one’s business without one having to spend a great deal of money. After all, one lifetime customer can end up paying for the entire cost of the door hanger advertising.

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